What types of irrigation do drought tolerant landscapes require?
All plants require water, even cacti and succulents. All newly planted plants will require a regular watering schedule until their roots are fully developed into the surrounding landscape. Establishment into a sustainable drought tolerant plant will typically occur within the first two to three years; trees usually take three to five years. Drip irrigation and overheard irrigation are acceptable irrigation practices.

  • Drip Irrigation: For smaller plants (1 gallon containers), install three to four emitters per plant. Increase the number of emitters for larger plants/container size and as the size of the plant grows.

  • Overhead Irrigation: Use stream rotor nozzles and apply irrigation in early morning. 4-7 a.m. is a good watering window for drought tolerant plant material. Water deeply and infrequently and as needed for the age and type of plants. Good soil drainage is critical for successfully growing many drought tolerant plants.

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