Our 1.75 acre Demonstration Garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and designed to provide educational encounters at every turn. There are numerous model gardens to help homeowners identify waterwise plants that would also look good in their home landscape. The model gardens include a Southwest Garden, a Woodland Garden, a Mediterranean Garden, a turf demonstration area to compare water use of different types of turf, and much more. Each area has interpretive signage to further explain the plants and strategies used. The garden also features full-size architectural facades to emulate what a landscape might look like next to your own home.

In addition to the model gardens, the landscape showcases best practices for Low Impact Development strategies, such as permeable surfaces, mulching, bioswales to collect runoff and recycled water irrigation throughout.
Achillea Moonshine
CBWCD mulch garden
A Waterwise Community Center Demonstration Garden
The Waterwise Community Center exterior rear view of a demonstration garden


The Wilderness Park on CBWCD’s grounds provides more opportunities to learn about plants and simply relax. The walking trail circles the park, encountering 39 types of trees that were selected for low water use, minimal maintenance, flower and/or foliage colors, and adaptability to residential landscapes in this region. As part of the facilities upgrade, the park’s turf area was cut by 75 percent and fitted with recycled water irrigation as well. The park is open to the public every day of the week.

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