Poster Contest FAQs

What is the poster contest timeline and selection process?

  • The Education Committee will select five finalists from each grade level by March 1. Teachers will be notified once finalists are announced. 
  • Community voting to select the winners from the finalists will start online at on March 1, and there will be in-person voting at our Annual Open House on March 17. 

How will poster contest finalists be selected?

Our judges will be selecting finalists using the following criteria:

  • Relevance of poster to "How We Save Water" contest theme
  • Creativity and originality
  • Aesthetics (including visual clarity and ability to read text and interpret visuals)
  • Bonus points will be given to posters that tell us how much water will be saved using the poster's water-saving strategy!

What makes an award-winning poster?

  • Keep the poster's slogan brief using large and simple letters.

1 poster with large, clear writing next to another poster with small, hard-to-read writing

  • Research a water-saving strategy that is impactful and demonstrates your understanding of effective water conservation.
  • Use media that provides consistent, broad coverage in bright, bold, and rich colors.1 poster with bright and bold colors next to another poster with light, hard-to-see colors