Free Consultation: Identify Problems, Improve Efficiency & Irrigate Intelligently 

For qualifying properties, industry certified Waterwise Community Center Staff will meet you or your landscaper at your property, run and thoroughly inspect your irrigation system, collect data, and issue you a report with repair recommendations, efficiency recommendations, a custom water budget, a custom watering schedule for each area of the site, and information about available water efficiency rebates and programs.

Available at no-cost to properties provided water by Chino, Chino Hills, Cucamonga Valley Water District, Monte Vista Water District, Ontario, Fontana Water Company, and Upland. It is offered though a collaboration between the Waterwise Community Center, your water provider, and the Inland Empire Utilities Agency.

On your scheduled date and time, our staff will conduct a thorough inspection of irrigation systems, timer settings, soil, plant material, and other site factors. The report will document any identified irrigation breaks, malfunctions, or repairs needed.

With the report we issue, you can create a plan and a budget for repairs or upgrades, as needed. You may want to create a prioritized list of immediate items and future upgrades when budget may permit. Ensure irrigation timers are reprogrammed if they are not programmed correctly. Over time, breaks or other issues happen, so make sure the contractors check irrigation systems on a regular basis. At HOA’s, encourage community members to report issues like leaks or sprinkler overspray onto pavement, and create an organized system for this information to be shared with the landscape contractor.

Our report will create a landscape water budget for the site. Be sure to know which of your meters water the landscape, and for sites with dedicated landscape meters, use the water budget to check against the water use on your bill to ensure that the site is not being over watered.

Look at an example report here.

Request your consultation appointment by filling out the online form here.

Prior to the appointment, an authorized representative of the entity that pays the water bill will need to fill out the participant agreement form, available here.

Water Efficiency Programs
Water Efficiency Programs
Water Efficiency Programs
Water Efficiency Programs

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