Multiple rebates are available to help fund area residents’ water efficiency related projects. These rebates are provided by the Metropolitan Water District in collaboration with your local water providers. All the details and online applications are at socalwatersmart.com

Rebate amounts vary by water provider. Visit socalwatersmart.com to check your rebate amounts.

Rebates are Currently Available for:

Turf Replacement (with a waterwise landscape)

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers (smart timers that automatically adjust the watering schedule to the weather)

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles (more efficient and better performance than traditional spray sprinklers)

Rain Barrels and Cisterns (be careful to keep them maintained to avoid mosquitoes!)

High-Efficiency Clothes Washers

Premium High-Efficiency Toilets

turf replacement landscape

No-Cost Weather Based Irrigation Controller Installation Program

This program is available to water customers of Monte Vista Water District, Ontario, Chino, Chino Hills, Cucamonga Valley Water District, Upland, and Fontana Water Company. It is provided by these water suppliers in collaboration with the Inland Empire Utilities Agency.

Residents can qualify to receive an irrigation controller (timer), installed by a landscape contractor at their property, at no charge if all requirements are met.

Requirements are:

  • The property has an existing irrigation controller / timer
  • The controller is currently connected (wired) to the valves
  • The irrigation system is operational (no pipe breaks, major leaks, etc.)
  • Attendance at a class that explains how to use the controller

For full details or to register for this program, contact the water use efficiency staff member at your water provider. This local program is only available for the water providers listed below:

City of Chino: Joselyn Blakely: jblakely@cityofchino.org (909) 334-3472

City of Chino Hills: Jake Loukeh: jloukeh@chinohills.org (909) 364-2804

Cucamonga Velley Water District: Brianna De La Cruz: briannad@cvwdwater.com (909) 987-2591

Fontana Water Company: Patrick Soto: pjsoto@fontanawater.com (909) 201-7391

Monte Vista Water District: Katherine Rojas: krojas@mvwd.org (909) 267-2116

City of Ontario: Amy Bonczewski: abonczewski@ontarioca.gov (909) 395-2614

City of Upland: Michelle Madriz: mmadriz@ci.upland.ca.us (909) 291-2935

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