With projected significant increases in our area’s population and no projected significant increases in water resource availability, using water wisely becomes key to enjoying access to our region’s comparatively inexpensive water. While the residents of the area we serve are lucky to benefit from access to the water held in the enormous Chino Groundwater Basin, we must all use our water resources efficiently to ensure we can collectively sustainably manage them.

This keeps our water bills as low as possible!

Fortunately for all of us the basics of using water wisely are not hard to do.

Even more exciting is that the most effective way for many homeowners and property managers to save water, converting to a waterwise or California native landscape, can also make our yards more beautiful, inviting, and comfortable than they were before, while also providing needed habitat for songbirds, butterflies, and pollinators.

The biggest water user in the typical residential property in our area is the landscape! It is estimated that the average local single-family home uses 62% of its water outdoors.

Not wasting water indoors is certainly important, but often we can save the most by making sure we are efficiently watering outside.

Beyond that, we can choose to move to more beautiful and more environmentally beneficial landscapes that use a fraction of the water a lawn requires by installing waterwise and California native gardens in place of higher water plantings.

If you use your lawn for sports or your pets, great! Make sure your irrigation system is functioning as efficiently as possible and scheduled correctly (for help check out our Landscape Water Efficiency Consultations). But if you don’t use your lawn or if you have more than you need, we are here to help you achieve something better!

The Waterwise Community Center provides no-cost programs, classes, and resources to help you use water efficiently in your landscape, plan for new waterwise gardens, and learn how to install, maintain, and even obtain rebates to help pay for installing your new landscape.

Check our all of our no-cost programs and resources to help our community thrive as together we move to a waterwise future!


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