USGBC-LA Inland Empire Branch Urban Resilience Symposium

Thank you to all that attended the Symposium. Presentations and supplementary resources can be downloaded here.


Future Climate Extremes over Greater LA

  • Neil Berg, Ph.D.  Assistant Director of UCLA's Center for Climate Science: Neil is an applied climate scientist with the overarching goal of increasing climate resilience and sustainability in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. His recent research and interests focus on changes in the California hydrological cycle — particularly how snowpack, precipitation, and extreme events may change in the future, and the impacts of these changes on the region’s water resources, energy security, and agricultural productivity. This work involves analyzing global climate models and conducting cutting-edge regional climate simulations using supercomputers. Recognizing that we live in integrated physical and social systems, he is passionate about extending the results of regional climate simulations to practitioners, policy makers, and officials to guide decision-making and planning efforts across LA.  Neil received his PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from UCLA and a BS in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  
  • Learn more about Neil Berg's and the UCLA Center for Climate Science's regional research on climate science here and here

The Integrated Approach for Sustainable Development and Redevelopment on Southern California's Alluvial Floodplains

  • Commissioner Susan Longville | Chair of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority Commission and President of San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District's Board of Directors: Susan Longville is Chair of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority's Commission  represents Division III of San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District as the President of the Board. With an extensive background in Southern California water issues, Susan is recognized for her expertise in water policy and multi-objective water resource management strategies. She served as a member of the forward-looking Floodplain Management Task Force in 2002 that developed multi-objective recommendations for dealing with floods in California. In 2007, Susan was appointed to DWR’s 2007 Independent Review Panel that published recommendations for flood management in a report entitled A California Challenge—Flooding in the Central Valley. She served as Director of California State University's Water Resources Institute.
  • Read more about Susan Longville's extensive work related to flood and mudflow management in California and the  Inland Empire here

Fire Resilient Communities in California

  • Chief Glenn Barley | San Bernardino County Unit, CALFIRE
  • Learn more about CALFIRE's climate change programs and resources that encourage urban resilience here

The Water Cycle as a Site Design Tool

  • Erik Peterson | Principal Architect, Claremont Environmental Design Group (CEDG)
  • Learn more about how Erik Peterson and CEDG have integrated regenerative design principles for landscape architecture and architecture in regional projects here