Staff's Water Wise Plant Picks

Each water efficient plant in our Water Wise Demonstration Garden competes for attention as "favorite" plant for CBWCD staff. Featured below are images of each of our staff's favorite climate-appropriate plant showcased in our garden. Click on each image to view a corresponding plant profile and to unveil which of our staff picked it as their favorite. Come by our Water Conservation Campus to assemble your list of top water wise plants!

Pink Creeping Myoporum | Myoporum parvifolium 'Pink'

Plant Profile Pics1

Purple Lavender | Lavandula intermedia 'Grosso'


Saguaro | Carnegiea gigantea


Wendy Coral Bells | Heuchera 'Wendy'

Coral Bells

Palo Verde | Parkinsonia florida - Plant profile coming soon!

blue palo verde

Aeonium "Zwarktop" - Plant profile coming soon!


Crown of Thornes | Euphorbia milli 'Red Apache' - Plant profile coming soon!

Euphorbia Milii

Fairy duster | Calliandra californica - Plant profile coming soon!

fairy duster

Torch Lily / Red Hot Poker | Kniphofia - Plant profile coming soon!

Fire Poker

Pride of Barbados | Caesalpina pulcherrima - Plant profile coming soon!

pride of barbados

Sunrise Bells | Tecoma x 'Sunrise' - Plant profile coming soon!

Sunrise Bells

Matilija Poppy | Romneya coulteri - Plant profile coming soon!

Matilija Poppy