Poster Contest (k-5)

​The Challenge

Grades K-5 and individual students within the District’s boundaries are invited to participate in the District’s annual Poster Contest. Visit our website for the District’s Service Area map to verify your eligibility.  
Your mission is to show your community why it is important to conserve groundwater, the water stored beneath our feet. Groundwater is a major source of drinking water in this region and it comes from the Chino Groundwater Basin. This water that is pumped from the ground flows through your showers, school water fountains, and garden hoses—keeping our community healthy and thriving. Take on the challenge of creating a poster that tells our community why or how we can protect and conserve the Chino Groundwater Basin.

Make a poster that promotes the "Protection and Conservation of the Chino Groundwater Basin!"

Don't forget to submit your poster by February 9, 2018!

Need help with your entry? We're offering two student workspaces on 1/20 and 1/27 where our education staff will provide content, materials, and feedback to support students' entries. 


Poster Contest Guidelines

Expand your knowledge!

Chino Groundwater Basin

​What is Groundwater?

Groundwater is the water that is stored underground. Groundwater fills the spaces between soil particles like sands and gravels. The Chino Groundwater Basin is one of the largest groundwater basins in southern California. We rely on water from the Chino Groundwater Basin for over half of the water that we drink and use in our homes and outside in our yards. 

​Poster Contest Guidelines

Chino Basin Water Conservation District invites grades K-5 and individual students within the District’s boundaries to participate in the District’s annual Poster Contest.  Visit our website for the District’s service area map to verify your eligibility. 

Students are asked to make a poster that promotes "Protection and Conservation of Chino Groundwater Basin.


  • One entry per person.
  • Entries that use copyrighted artwork will be disqualified.
  • Spelling counts! Carefully review your work for spelling and grammatical accuracy. Entries with mistakes will be disqualified.
  • Submit work on paper up to, but no larger than 11" x 17".
  • Include identifying information with entry or it will be disqualified. Indicate the student’s full name, grade,
    school, and teacher’s name and email address. If submitting as an individual, include parent’s or guardian’s name,
    home address, email address, and phone number.
  • All submissions become the property of Chino Basin Water Conservation District and will not be returned unless arrangements are made in advance to pick up the artwork from the District. CBWCD reserves the right to use any submitted artwork and the name, school, grade, and image of the student for public relations use, including but not limited to display of the original or copies as posters for exhibit events and reproduction of copies on promotional items. In submitting their artwork, the student and their parent/guardian releases and holds harmless the Chino Basin Water Conservation District for any and all responsibility or liability related to the artwork and understand that no compensation will be paid for the artwork.


  • Submit in person or by mail to 4594 San Bernardino Street, Montclair, CA 91763
  • Submit pre-counted entries to our offices no later than 4 PM on February 9, 2018.
  • If mailing, entries must be sent in with the tear-away sheet in the Poster Contest Guidelines and postmarked by February 9, 2018 to be considered.


  • The Education Committee will select five finalists from each grade level by the beginning of March. Teachers will be notified once finalists are announced.
  • Community voting to select the winners from the finalists will start online at by the beginning of March, and there will be in-person voting at the Winter Open House on March 20th.
  • See Poster Contest Guidelines for selection criteria and "What Makes an Award-Winning Poster."

  • One winner will be selected from each grade. Winners will receive a check for $100. Teachers of these winning students will receive a $250 gift card for art and educational supplies, if the class has 10 or more entries. 
  • Teachers that submit more than 10 entries will receive a $75 gift card.


Please contact:
Community Programs Team
Email: Phone: 909-626-2711

  • September ___:  Materials released to all schools
  • January 20:  Entries must be received at CBWCD by 4 PM.
  • February 28:  Community Voting Event.  Join families from the area and share your excitement about your student's entries!
Take note of these important dates! You will not want to miss out on this year's Poster Contest.
  • September ___:  Materials released to all schools
  • January 20:  Entries must be received at CBWCD by 4 PM.
  • February 28:  Community Voting Event.  Join families from the area and share your excitement about your student's entries!