Earth Day

Earth Day

Growing Conservation Leaders of Tomorrow

Over the past 25 years, Chino Basin Water Conservation District has celebrated Earth Day with over 30,000 5th grade students. We look forward to bringing a new type of Earth Day celebration in 2018. 

Instead of one big festival, this year we will provide three smaller Earth Day celebrations and bus reimbursement for 5th grade classes. Students will get the opportunity to experience different careers in water conservation first-hand. Through inquiry-driven, NGSS-aligned,  hands-on programming, they will step into the shoes of water scientists, engineers, artists, and landscape professionals. 

They'll have a chance to meet and greet with local water conservation heroes, the professionals who work to ensure that our communities have a safe, reliable, and clean water supply and a healthy watershed. Students will contribute to a community mural, design and build a worm composting bin for their classroom, or plant a California native plant. We look forward to partnering with 5th grade classes to help grow the conservation leaders of tomorrow!

When: April 11th, 12th, 13th in 2018. Two sessions per day (9-12:30pm and 11:00-2:30pm)

Where: Water Conservation Center | 4594 San Bernardino Street in Montclair.

How do I register?  Registration is open. Due to the number of registrations we have already received, teachers who register now will be placed on a waitlist.

How much does the event cost?  The event is free for schools within our service area . We will reimburse bus transportation costs for up to $400 per bus. 

When is the pre-event workshop? We will not require teacher attendance at a pre-event workshop this year. We will send curriculum resources for pre- and post event lesson planning to help students extend and reflect on their learning from the day.  

Andrew Doan and Joseph Bauelos ok to use
Earth Day Station (All students will participate in all stations)
NGSS Science and Engineering Practices
Connects to 5th Grade Standards
Construct a Watershed Model
Developing and using models

Landforms; Water Cycle; Weather, Cycling Of Earth’s Materials; Role of Water In Earth’s Surface Processes
Design and Test Water Filters
Defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, designing solutions
Water Supply; Role of Water in Earth's Surface Processes
Investigate Drought Tolerant Plants in Garden
Carrying out investigations, Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Plant Adaptations; Water Cycle; Biodiversity; Interdependent Relationships In Ecosystems

Contribute to a Community Earth Day Mural of the Santa Ana Watershed

Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

Watersheds; California Native Plants And Wildlife; Ecosystems

Take Action! Earth Day Pledge Tally and Planting/Composting Activities

Engaging in argument from evidence, analyzing and interpreting data, designing solutions

Human Impacts On Environment; Interdependent Relationships In Ecosystems;  Importance Of Water Conservation;  Plant Adaptations; Cycles of Energy & Matter
You can visit our Field Trip Resources page for additional lesson plans and materials to prepare for Earth Day.