Wilderness Park

Relax, Walk, Play Soccer and Enjoy Our Park

Our Wilderness Park provides opportunities for relaxation as well as learning about water conservation. The park contains a small arboretum to demonstrate drought tolerant trees that are appropriate for our Inland Valley region. The park contains 39 species of trees. Explore the map below to learn more or visit this page. The tree selections were derived from a list of parameters, which included low water use, minimal maintenance, flower and/or foliage colors, and adaptability to residential landscapes in this region. These tree species are from all over the world including Africa, Asia, Australia, California, and other parts of the United States.
Irrigation System Uses Recycled Water

Wait--why is your park turf green during the drought?

The entire park irrigation system uses recycled water, thereby conserving potable water resources, and adding a little nitrogen fertilizer with every irrigation cycle. All areas that are not turf are covered with donated tree chippings, which act as a mulch and provides soil water retention, soil building properties, cooler surfaces for root growth, weed suppression, and erosion control.

High efficiency irrigation systems for water conservation support the tree plantings and turf area. The turf area, reduced 75 percent from the former design, utilizes highly efficient rotor type overhead sprinklers. The tree plantings use a deep watering system, up to 3 feet in depth, discouraging shallow rooting and promoting deep roots, while increasing water conservation by eliminating overspray and run off.

Click here to learn more about recycled water.

Come See Us

Benefits of the Wilderness Park include informational signs about the trees, permeable meandering decomposed granite pathways, and six sitting benches. A recycling station, several waste, and doggie stations create a pleasant atmosphere that also helps contribute to a more sustainable environment. An assortment of large and small boulders makes for interesting conversation and aesthetics. The Wilderness Park is open to the public and can be utilized for water conservation education, researching tree selections for the yard, and a place to play or relax. The park is open seven days a week.
Overhead of entire park - panaramic -10-2012