• The Educational Lobby Exhibit brings important topics like water in California, the Chino Groundwater Basin, and how you can personally conserve water to the forefront in a colorful and fun format. You can even see up-close how much water is required to make a hamburger!
  • The Board Room / Classroom Space is the site for our many landscaping workshops.
  • The Education Building is dedicated for school field trips where students learn about the water cycle, groundwater and its significance, and many more topics. 
  • The Waterwise Demonstration Garden helps further our teaching about waterwise landscaping, as you can go out and see the best practices for yourself and get ideas for your own home. There are pocket gardens with various themes, a turf demonstration to compare / contrast various types of turf, a dedicated children’s garden, and Sam, our sulcata tortoise! Come visit to keep track of how the garden is growing in.
  • The Demonstration Parking Lot showcases various permeable pavements and how they can help percolate water back into the ground. We have waterwise plantings, bioswales, permeable pavements and other features to capture water rather than letting it run off.
  • The Wilderness Park contains over 40 different species of trees. The tree selections were derived from a list of parameters which included low water use, minimal maintenance, flower and/or foliage colors and adaptability to residential landscapes in this region. New high efficiency irrigation systems for water conservation were designed and installed to support the new tree planting and turf area. The new turf area, reduced 50% from the former design, utilizes highly efficient rotor type overhead sprinklers. 
CBWCD mulch garden
A demonstration garden at the Waterwise Community Center