Water Education Exhibits

At the WCC we have a museum-quality exhibit covering many topics related to water, carefully researched and cultivated for ease of learning. The exhibit is geared for all ages and breaks down complex issues into an easy-to-read, colorful format. You can browse at your leisure; you can even use the information in a school report. 

Topics included are:

  • History of the local area and how water use evolved
  • Formation and mission of the Chino Basin Water Conservation District
  • Aquifers and groundwater, including a comprehensive map of the area overlaying the Chino Groundwater Basin
  • Water in California, covering issues such as where our water comes from; the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta; seasonal rainfall and snow melt
  • The relationship between water and energy
  • The water cycle
  • How much water is required to produce household items
  • Water quality
  • How you can personally save water
  • Interactive video display about water
  • Water wise landscaping

Come visit our lobby to see the exhibit for yourself and learn more about water, our lifeline.

Personal responsibility exhibitAquifers and basin