Transform Your Landscape

Transform Your Landscape
Ready to transform your landscape into a water saving paradise? We're here to help! Join a community of other homeowners and let us help guide your journey transforming your yard into a thriving, drought tolerant garden!

Throughout this series, learn the seven steps of creating a WaterWise garden. These classes often have an outdoor or hands-on component to help you move from simply understanding key concepts to taking action in your yards and gardens. Anyone can attend, regardless of experience.

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Landscape Design Seminar 8/20/2016
Turf Removal Workshop 8/27/2016
Pick 'em and Plant 'em - Purchasing and Planting Water Efficient Plants for your Garden   9/10/2016

Grow Your Soil - Soils, Compost, and Mulch  10/8/2016
Landscape and Water Conservation Festival - Workshops  10/29/2016
Irrigation 101 - Water Efficient Irrigation Basics 11/05/2016
Prune for Plant Health - WaterWise Garden Maintenance 1/7/2017
Feed em’ and Weed em’ - Fertilizers and Pest Management  1/28/2017
Transform Your Landscape - Turf Removal Methods and The Basics  3/25/2017
Butterfly, Bee, and Bird Gardening with low-water plants... 4/8/2017
Irrigation 101 - Water Efficient Irrigation Basics  4/29/2017
Picking, Purchasing, and Planting - Water Efficient Plants for your Garden   5/13/2017
Feed 'em and Weed 'em - Fertilizers and Pest Management  5/27/2017
Grow Your Soil - Soils, Compost, and Mulch  6/10/2017
Summer Pruning for Plant Health - WaterWise Garden Maintenance 6/24/2017
Smart Irrigation Month - Tune Up Your Timer w/ Guest Speaker 7/22/2017
Smart Irrigation Month - Irrigation 102 - Advanced Efficient Irrigation 7/22/2017
Transform Your Landscape - Turf Removal Methods and The Basics  8/12/2017
Turf Removal 101 - Four Methods of Turf Removal 8/26/2017
Irrigation 101 - Water Efficient Irrigation Basics  9/09/2017