Master Gardener Helpline

Can't make it to out to the Waterwise Community Center? The UCCE Master Gardeners of San Bernardino have a helpline.

Ask about how to save water in your landscape, what's damaging your plants, how to make and use compost in your own backyard, what's ailing your trees, or any gardening-related question. They are here to help! Call, email, or leave a message anytime.

Call the Master Gardener Helpline: (909) 387-2182.

Speak to a Master Gardener or leave a message. They are excellent at following up.

Email your question to:

Include as much detail as possible and any photos that illustrate your problem/question.

Who are University of California Master Gardeners?

University of California Master Gardeners are trained volunteers from all walks of life who share objective research-based knowledge on all aspects of home horticulture with county residents after receiving 50 hours of training from University of California academics and external practitioners. 

The main priorities of the San Bernardino County Master Gardener program are:

  • Sustainable Landscapes that conserve water, recycle greenwaste, nurture soil, use integrated pest management principles stressing prevention to ward off pests and weeds, are energy-efficient, and attract appropriate wildlife.  
  • Food Production (backyard, community, and school gardens grown pesticide-free)
  • Healthy Communities that connect our growing urban population with natural environments that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Master Gardeners also provide information in other areas of home horticulture and community greening.
Master Gardener

Interested in becoming a Master Gardener?

The Master Gardener training program provides 50 hours of classroom training conducted by both University of California experts and knowledgeable practitioners.

Contact Maggie O'Neil for more information about becoming a Master Gardener at  

Who makes a good Master Gardener candidate?