Rebates & Incentives

To learn about rebates applicable to your local area, get in touch with your water provider first. They can tell you about any special offerings or programs they have. To learn about what is more generally available, you can visit the SoCal WaterSmart website. Commercial / industrial / and institutional rebates are also available through this website.

Indoor Rebates

High Efficiency Clothes Washer

Rebates start at $85. When almost 15% of the water used inside your home goes to doing laundry, high-efficiency washers can save loads.
  • Save Water - Less water is needed to do the same amount of laundry, saving 14 gallons of water a day, or more than 75,000 gallons over the washer’s lifetime.
  • Save Energy - Less energy is required to heat water for warm wash cycles, which lowers your energy use.
  • Save Money - Using less water and energy reduces your monthly bills. Water savings alone can reach over $400 over the lifetime of the appliance.
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High Efficiency Toilet

Rebates start at $100 (for a limited time). The largest amount of water used inside your home--30%--goes toward flushing the toilet. But how much water your toilet actually needs to flush properly is less than you think!
  • Save Water - High-efficiency toilets use 20% less water than standard toilets and flush the same amount of waste just as, if not more, effectively. In just one year, you can save over 8,000 gallons of water.
  • Save Money - Water savings from high-efficiency toilets can save over $800 on your water bill over the lifetime of the product. Combine this with SoCal Water$mart rebates and high efficiency can pay for itself.
  • Improve Performance - High-efficiency models recommended by SoCal Water$mart are tested by independent laboratories for exceptional flush performance.
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Outdoor Rebates 

Rain Barrels

Rebates start at $75 per barrel. Collecting and re-using rainwater from gutters and downspouts for lawns and gardens minimizes the amount of water flowing into your storm drains, sewer systems and local waterways. Plants and microbes prefer rainwater because it is naturally "soft" and free of chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals.

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Rotating Spray Nozzles

Rebates start at $4 / nozzle, minimum quantity is 15 nozzles.

You can eliminate wasteful runoff (like flooded sidewalks) with rotating nozzles that slowly and evenly apply directed, uniform water distribution to your landscape. Rotating nozzles apply multi-trajectory, rotating streams of water to your landscape that slowly and uniformly water your landscape, encouraging healthy plant growth:
  • Save Water - Properly direct water flow and use 20% less water than conventional spray heads.
  • Save Money - This rebate is a cost-effective, water-saving option for your landscape.
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Soil Moisture Sensors

Rebates start at:
  • $80 / controller for less than one acre of landscape
  • $35 / station for more than one acre of landscape
A soil moisture sensor measures soil moisture content in the active root zone on your property.

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Turf Removal

Turf grass is one of the most water-intensive plants in your landscape. Its high water use and frequent maintenance make it a time-consuming and expensive yard option. In fact, the average residential customer spends about 60% of their water on outdoor irrigation. By changing turf to a California Friendly™ yard of drought tolerant plants you can save water and money. For more information about the SoCal WaterSmart's Landscape Transformation Program. 

You can also visit our Landscape Evaluation and Audit Program page to learn more about how we can help you save water in your landscape with an outdoor water use evaluation and recommendations.

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers (SmartTimer Controllers)

Rebates start at:
  • $80 / controller for less than one acre of landscape
  • $35 / station for more than one acre of landscape
Weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICs) allow for more accurate, customized irrigation by automatically adjusting the schedule and amount of water in response to changing weather conditions, and allow you to water to your landscape’s specific plant and climate needs. WBICs use smart irrigation technology for your landscape:
  • Save Water - WBICs can save you from over watering your landscape by 13,500 gallons a year and ensure optimal plant health.
  • Save Money - Customizing your water schedule with WBICs can save over $700 on your water bill over its lifetime. Combine this with the rebate and the savings can add up.
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